Centre for collective usage of scientific instruments and equipment "Optical Microscopy Center"

Microscope Olympus BX51

The highest research class microscope OLYMPUS BX51 is used for scientific research of a microscopic sample of tissues, cells and whole living objects of microscopic size etc.


Optical system

UIS2 (Universal Infinity-corrected type 2)


Köhler Illumination

Built-in filters

Two neutral density filters for light adjustment, transmittance 25% and 6%, one LBD for color balancing, daylight filter, and one (optional) filter set.

Focusing block

Manipulating the specimen up to 25mm along Y-axis. Focus lock. The focusing step is of 1mkm. Full fine focusing screw turn is of 100mkm. Adjusting the knob tension. Adjusting the stage hight.


1,25x -150x Achromat, Plan Achromat, Plan Fluorite.

Observation tube

-WF 10х/22 mm
-WF 10х/26.5 mm
-WF 12,5х/16 mm
-WF 15х/14 mm